GRIPPED - 2017 - 7 min.

Haudenosaune Territory/United States / 2017 / Drama / English / Digital / 1.85 /7 minutes / Stereo

Starring Clint Jones, Kaivin Jones, Neil Schindler and Benson Schilnder


Summary: A father who must overcome his fears in order to pass custom and tradition on to his son. This film was shot on location on the Seneca Territory.

Film Festivals

"Gripped" is an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2017 First Nations Film and Video Festival in Chicago from May 2nd to May 10th.


"First Nations Film and Video Festival is to advocate for and celebrate the works of Native Americans filmmakers and new works and films that break racial stereotypes and promotes awareness of Native American issues. All films screened are written and/or produced and directed by Native American artists from the United States, Canada, Central and South America, and Mexico."

The Filmmakers

Govind Deecee

Terry Jones